Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Night Favs!

So, in honor of the weekend's official arrival (woohoo!), I thought I'd share my top ten list of this week's Friday Night Favs.

Let's start with #1) Awesome book trailers for awesome new releases.  I was already in awe of these writers.  And now I am also in awe of the people who made these trailers!  One of whom is (amazingly) only twelve-years-old.  Wow. 

#2) The sound my cat makes when he rolls over.  An adorable cross between a purr and a meow, and at least one full octave higher than his usual repertoire, Charlie has skillfully learned to use this vocal trick on me whenever I discover he's destroyed yet another piece of furniture.  Which--unfortunately for my furniture--pretty much works every time. 

#3)  Band of Horses, Cease to Begin.  An old fav I've had on replay ever since, well, breakfast.  So, so good.

#4) Going through middle/high school photos and recalling the days in which I resembled a seriously fluffy sheep and/or poodle.  This week I wrote a letter that's going to be included in a new anthology from the creators of the website DEAR TEEN ME, to be published next fall.  (Fun!!)  Except then I had to submit a teen photo, which led to the discovery of these little gems.  Oh YES.  We're talking genuine side-pony, complete with extra large scrunchy.

Dear God.

Happy Halloween.    


#5) Rereading Summer Sisters, by Judy Blume.  The first time I read this sultry tale of best friends, betrayal, and make-outs amidst the sand dunes, I was seventeen and on a sailing trip with my bff and her parents.  At one point, we got stuck on a sandbar for hours and I didn't even notice, thanks to the one and only, original JB.  Rereading it again this week only confirms my early suspicions: Summer Sisters is, without a doubt, one of the most trashily delectable (in a good way) ways to spend an afternoon. 


#6) Discovering old 80's cartoons on youtube.  I'll admit it, this one's not exactly conducive to getting lots of work done (except it sort of counts as research for Book 2, I swear!).  But c'mon, who knew the entire Care BearsMy Little Pony, and All Dogs Go to Heaven filmography were sitting there, just waiting to be discovered?!  I need--Brazil--the throng, the THRILL...  Okay, I'll stop.  But really, this is kind of amazing.

#7) Because every baby needs a good toupee!  A good friend recently shared this website, and it was simply too good not to include with this week's list of favs.  (Apologies in advance to my future children, who will, at some point, be receiving these as holiday gifts.)  

#8) Having people tell me I look like the redhead on True Blood I know, I don't see the resemblance either, but whatevs, I'll take it.  (Thanks, Emily!)  At the very least, this does help me to feel better about the previous fluffy poodles photos, see above. 

#9)  Sixteen & Pregnant.  I'm sorry, but has there been a better/guiltier pleasure since The Hills?  Okay, probably.  But I don't care, this one's still my latest fav.

And last, but certainly not least, #10--When people say nice things about my book!!  
(Sorry, couldn't help myself.)  I love, love, LOVE this early review of Catastrophic History!  Thank you, Angie!  : ) 

So that's it.  Tune in next week for a new round of Friday Night Favs.  

And happy weekend, everyone!  



  1. I love poodle Jess!!! And Charlie, obvs. I just don't understand why One Less Lonely Girl didn't make the list?

  2. What a surprise at being #10! You deserve it and you're welcome. :) I thought my own cat was the only one to make that sound. It is truly adorable and always makes me want to pick her up when she's sleeping.