Monday, April 9, 2012

Epic Spring Update!!

Hi, friends!

Sorry it's been a little quiet over here, I'm just getting over a bad case of the all-too-common weddingplanorituswhich, as some of you might know, has this way of taking over everything else in the universe until you wake up one morning covered in Bride magazine and realize...  Oh NO.  BUT I NEED TO BLOG!

The good news is, though, since it's been a little while, I've got lots of fun news to tell you.  I'm really into bullet points, so I'll just dive right in.

1) MY BOOK CAME OUT!!!  It did, it did, it did.  [Dances happily.]  And the catastrophic (but in a good way) release party at Books of Wonder on 2/23 was pretty incredible.  Props to the whole staff over there, especially Adam Silvera, for being such rockstars (and for making me feel like one, too).  It really was a fun night.  If you missed it, here is a very kind write up by a Secret Blogger whom I've apparently met, even though I have no idea who she (or he) is and now I am SO CURIOUS: I want to be Jess Rothenberg when I grow up.  

2) I HUNG OUT WITH JUSTIN BIEBER.  Swaggy.  (Or something?)  Yeah, I don't really know what that means. 

3) I'M DOING EVENTS AND STUFF!  Last month, I was in my hometown of Charleston, SC kicking off my high school's annual book festivalSUCH a TREAT b/c I got to meet lots of the students (they were so sweet!) plus I got to hang out with my awesome high school English teachers.  <3


The Charleston paper, The Post & Courier, even wrote a front page piece about me.  (I'm not sure what the photographer was thinking when he picked that shot, but whatever, it was still pretty cool.)

Then, just last weekend, I wandered over to the NYC Teen Author Book Festival, saw some old friends, met some new ones, and chatted about Characters at a Crossroad on a panel moderated by the fabulous E. Lockhart.  Later, at the Mega Books of Wonder signing, I got to meet some of my fav bloggers like Asher Knight (pictured below) and Erica from The Book Cellar (except she got shy and forgot to tell me it was her!).  Next time, Erica.  Next time you will not escape!  : )



Starting with: this Wednesday night, 4/11.  I'll be reading alongside a bunch of awesome writers like Josh Berk, Jen Calonita, Margie Gelbwasser, Barry Lyga, Elisa Ludwig, K.M. Walton, and Robin Wasserman.  Come check us out at 6-7:30 at the Jefferson Market Branch of the NYPL, corner of 6th Ave and 10th Street.

More info here:

And last but certainly not least, have you guys heard of this awesome West Coast tour called YAorBUST?  It's with the great penguin writerly trio of Gayle Forman, Stephanie Perkins, and Nina Lacour, starting next week.

And guess what?  I'm going too!  

That's right, as of next Monday, I'll be heading out to the lovely city of SF to join those crazy YAorBusters for the first leg of the tour.  So if you're anywhere near the Bay Area, I hope you'll come say hi at one of the events below.  Just be sure to wear some flowers in your hair, k?  K.

Copperfield's Books, 7:00-10:00 p.m


Friday, February 3, 2012

Come in Houston, we are go for book trailer!

With less than 3 weeks to go until the release of Catastrophic History, I'm excited to finally share the *Official & Exclusive* (ooh la la) BOOK TRAILER!!  So get out those tissues and grab that popcorn...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome, 2012! Glad to have you with us.

Hi guys!  I hope you all had a great, relaxing holiday full of family, friends, not getting dressed until late afternoon, and—let's be honest—some serious TBS marathoning.  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged (hey fall, where'd ya go?), and I wanted to pop in and wish everyone a great 2012!  : ) 

2011 was both a wonderful and challenging year for me.  Work-wise, I finished my first book and started a second, which I'm really proud of and excited about.  I went to Paris with friends, where we worked, played, and accidentally ordered an $800 bottle champagne and didn't realize it until the last drop had been poured.  (Le whoops.)  A painful yet delicious mistake, if I may say so.      
This summer, I went to a writing retreat on Fire Island.  It wasn't fun at all.  We are all just So. Serious. All the time.
(Pictured are the lovely Courtney Sheinmel, Leila Sales, Lexa Hillyer, Elizabeth Miles, Rebecca Serle, and Lauren Oliver.)

But my #1 favorite day of the whole year was when got engaged in Italy, right after the Bologna Book Fair.  My uncle put it pretty well when he heard the news: "Jess, only you would get proposed to on April Fool's Day in a city named after a lunch meat."  Touché, Uncle Pete.  Touché. 
So yes, lots of wonderful, happy occasions!   

On the less happy side, though, I can't lie—2011 had its share of really tough times. Out of nowhere, my mom was diagnosed with advance stage breast cancer, which (as anyone who's been through it with a friend or family member knows) is not easy.  So it's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster around here, but the good news is, my mom is a fighter and I know she's going to kick this thing's butt.  And, thankfully, we've got a brand new year ahead with lots to look forward to.     

Starting with... BOOKS!  There are so many incredible books coming in 2012 from writers I love—like Pandemonium by Lauren OliverLevel Two by Lenore AppelhansWhen You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle, A Fractured Light by Jocelyn Davies, Stella Batts by Courtney SheinmelWhatever After by Sarah MlynowskiAll You Never Wanted by Adele Griffin...  not to mention so many debuts by the fabulous Apocalypsies!  I'm really honored to be in their club; they are the nicest, most supportive people around. 

Another huge reason I'm excited for 2012?  WEDDINGS!  Apparently, love is in the air, because I just checked my calendar and I've already got 7 of them lined up this year, and that's not even including mine.  So if anyone has a fancy dress or two they would like to loan me, please do not hesitate.  Because this is getting ridiculous.  Here's where I'm getting married, by the way.  Isn't it pretty??  I <3 Brooklyn. 

Next on the list, I give you two words: HUNGER GAMES.  Nuff said. 

And last but certainly not least, only 49 days until the release of CATASTROPHIC HISTORY!!  (But um, who's counting?) Thank you so much to all the bloggers, librarians, and teens who've reached out over the last few months to tell me they've loved the read!  I can't help but feel crazy excited (and yes, nervous!) for Catastrophic to hit shelves (and e-readers) around the world next month.  : )  Rights have sold in 14 countries so far (plus a brand new audio deal), and I'll be sharing a lot more details about touring and events soon!  Honestly, I don't think I've been this excited since my legs got to be on the cover of Mandy Hubbard's awesome and hilarious Prada & Prejudice.  (Hi Mandy!  *waves*)  

So that's all for now!  Happy 2012 again, friends, and here's to an awesome year full of love, happiness, health, and good surprises!